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HTML Changelog:

Update Status for 9/06/2017:

Added the Breakfall modifer chart to the entry for Breakfall under Athletics. Also allowed for several Grab maneuvers to get reduced damage from Breakfall but at high difficulty.
merged Lunacy and Narcolepsy into Mental Illness in the flaws page
(quicklist also updated to match)
extra clarification of Wanderlust, added second rank to it
some other minor clarifications and edits over the page
fixed description of Stolen Life which quoted wrong point values

Update Status for 10/10/2014:

Small clarification to lethal damage and KOes on the Errata page.
some edits to the styles of pages to improve navigation

Update Status for 10/12/2011:

I've completed my run through of Grab maneuvers. Hopefully once this is all done I won't have to touch the maneuver pages for a nice long time. Maneuver changes:

Elemental Glyph: deleted battle charging, complete system rewrite to align with the Craft rules
Back Body Drop: specified non-rushing damage
Back Roll Throw: added knockdown
Barrel Roll Throw: added knockdown
Bushin Lightning Drop: deleted redundant Jump prereq
Crucifix Powerbomb: reduced Grab check req from 3 to 2
Death Throw: removed Willpower cost
Giant Swing: deleted Ground Fighting prereq, dropped Grab prereq from 4 to 3
Headlock Kicks: added Grab 2 prereq
Hooligan Combo: added Grab 3 prereq
Jaw Hammer: added to maneuver list
Joint Break: reduced Grab prereq from 5 to 4, increased damage threshold for a break
Joint Lock: reduced Grab prereq from 4 to 2
Leg Scoop: reduced Kick prereq from 4 to 2, changed Str 3 prereq to Athl 3
Schoolboy: prereqs reduced to Grab 3 + Athl 2, Willpower cost removed
Snap Throw: dropped Grab prereq from 3 to 2

Update Status for 10/01/2011:

First and foremost my efforts to consolidate things and reduce errors due to copying things around so much has meant the permanent demise of the custom maneuver pages. The lists were getting too large to maintain accurately in a reasonable time frame. I also deleted Minor Cybernetics from the Merits page since the new Cybernetics rules under construction now cover it adequately. Several other pages have gotten overhauls. These are:

Abilities: all entries were proofread and had addtional content added to them. It isn't in any way an all-inclusive list as yet but does include all abilities from the old World of Darkness core rulebooks, specialties, and special rules just for abilities themselves.

Backgrounds: More work on this page is still needed but Kalindo was merged into the Schools background.

Mod Table: No table of contents but entries were grouped together in a logical alphabetical fashion so finding things should be much easier now. Nothing mechanics-wise has changed.

Many maneuvers got some minor adjustments (not including some rewording and additional flavor text). The list is pretty long so just check the html log for the full thing. I'm building a PDF spreadsheet of all the maneuvers for quick reference which is what's prompting the fine tooth comb treatment. I've finished with Punch and Kick. Grab is next followed by Athletics. The hybrid moves page is probably going to be stripped down to just Kalindo, more Backgrounds need to be written up and I actually did get the Rites page started. (I've had notes for over a year to type up and never got around to it.)

Maneuver changes:


Dashing Uppercut: clarified movement
Chi Breaker: added to-hit roll, specified variant rules, grammar fixes
Dragon's Kiss: added more "fun" stuff it can do, made the costs spent to use it harder to recoup
Fingertip Attack: modified to-hit roll, extended penalty timer, clarified stacking
Retreating Punch: added additional retreating cover mechanic
Spinning Serpent Punch: name changed to Serpent Punch
Banishing Punch: deleted Athletics prereq, made stand-alone maneuver, reworked canceling mechanic
Cross Counter: lowered Manip prereq from 4 to 3
Ear Pop: damage modifier increased from -4 to -2
Flash Chop: changed disorientation effect and made it longer duration
Flying Elbow Smash: clarified what it doesn't avoid
Rekka Ken: better text flow in the system section
Guren-Ken: better system text flow and added taunt mechanic Rekka Ken has
Justice Fist: blast deals AE damage, same canceling mechanic as Banishing Punch
Monkey Grab Punch: reduced Grab check minimum to 1 so maneuver isn't learnable but unuseable
Vortex Palm: changed damage modifier from -2 to +2
Hundred Hand Slap: speed changed from -2 to +1, requirements now Punch 4 + Palm Strike
(this resolves an old problem with HHS and Hyper Fist)
Claw: added optional weapon prereq so it can be used as a weapon maneuver
Claw Rush: deleted Dashing Punch prereq


Disarm: reduced Kick prereq and PP cost
Retreating Kick: same cover mechanic Retreating Punch got
Reverse Waterfall: clarified movement in the system text
Baby Scorpion Kick: added non-groin shot soak rule
Barrel Roll Kick: Athletics prereq dropped from 5 to 4
Double Kick: added Kick 2 prereq, clarified hitting multiple targets
Dragon Spiral: dropped cost from 2 Willpower to 1 Willpower (dmg not high enough for 2)
Dragon Kick: no mechanical changes just added what it does rather than just referencing Flaming Dragon Punch
Drill Kick: Kick & Athl prereqs 4 instead of 5, aerial, +1 dmg
Hurricane Kick: inserted provision to prevent a potential situation where the rules negate themselves
Jaguar Tooth: Jump prereq deleted due to redundancy
Reverse Front Kick: Kick prereq dropped from 4 to 3
Rising Jaguar: prereqs set at Kick 4, Athl 3 + Rising Knee, always 2 hits, Str check to avoid KD on ground
Scorpion Kick: now has Block negation check in lew of previous effect
Sobat: 1 hex knockback
Split Somersault Kick: Kick & Athl prereqs 3 instead of 4
Stepping Double Kick: Kick prereq dropped from 4 to 3
Stepping Front Kick: Kick prereq of 4 changed to Kick 3, Athl 1
Stepping Somersault Kick: prereqs changed to Kick 2, Athl 3, damage increased
Whirlwind Kick: use cost dropped from 2 to 1 Willpower


Wallclimbing: some minor clarifications
Mekon Delta Escape: clarified movement and combination, added move bonus for Wall Spring


Soul Shock: use Focus for damage
Tornado Grip: can now be used as a sustained hold


Condensation: clarified that the condensed water still behaves as normal water
Psychic Poison: better time scale for effect duration
Elemental Glyph: moved here from weapon maneuvers, weapon skill prereq dropped to 3


Mind Leads, Body Follows: name changed to Feral Guidance


Dashing Upper Strike: grammar fix in the description, clarified movement, removed Upper Strike prereq
Dark Whip: cleaned up mini-table formatting
Killing Dance: name changed to Blade Dance
Underhand Stroke: Escrima price discount, 2nd damage modifier

Update Status for 8/02/11:

Regulars may notice some changes around here. First and foremost the actual index page links to everything rather than having to jump an initial hoop for entry. Secondly the site has been converted mostly to CSS to prettify things a little bit and standardize fonts. This means a lot of backend work has gone into making each page as small a filesize as possible although they should be compatible with most browsers. There's still a lot of work to be done for individual sections now that useability has (mostly) been streamlined.

added Intuition merit
added Cyber Psychosis to Flaws
did some more work over on the schools page, cleaning up a couple of entries, and adding in some rank 2s for schools that didn't already have them
added Wanderlust flaw

Some maneuver entries are no longer synced across the main database and the custom-only stuff due to small changes here and there while working on the layout. I've got a list of these going to make sure they're made consistent again. Some other incoming changes include but are not limited to:

put the Mod Table in alphabetical order by maneuver with linkbacks (it's pretty confusing as-is)
finish up the Cybernetics list (a little bit of work was done on this page for this update)
finish up Katas
actually write out some Rites (how long has this section been empty?)
combine some Flaws and Merits into blanket entries so navigating those pages isn't such a PITA
type up all the Abilities page edits already worked out

Update Status for 3/13/11:

A number of small but relevant changes have been made on the site's back end to make sure style and whatnot are consistent across pages and to improve readability and useage (such as making sure moves listed in requirements for all non-custom moves pages are functional links). The abilities page desperately needs a Table of Contents but that's not happening today. The animal hybrid/cyborg page has been split into two in anticipation of more work on cyborg rules and links across the site have been updated to reflect this. There's also now an HTML update log to go with the plain text version.

Short Fireball was moved to Focus 1 and is now just called Gadouken. This is to make internal references more consistent. Share Life and Share Chi were renamed Shared Life and Shared Chi for the same reason.

Made sure previously mentioned edits to things like Tiger Uppercut are actually complete and pushed live.

12/01/10: merged the house rules and errata into just errata - the section on the hado now has its own page

greatly cleaned up and expanded the abilities page adding more specialties and explanations

11/30/10: It's already been almost a year since I last worked on this? How time flies...

Anyway there were a bunch of little updates and tweaks here and there that haven't yet been mentioned on the update log but which I'm going to put here. The reason for the update today, however, is to add a little color to the site and bring Merits and Flaws up to date and to fix some broken links and mixed up ordering. The ToCs of Merits & Flaws should be much easier to peruse now and I added several new flaws to fill in some gaps. I also tweaked the system text for Voice of Harano over on the Kalindo page because it wasn't very clear what exactly was happening and what needed to be checked when. Lastly, I edited the Mod Table a little bit and added a new modifier for Elemental Skin and Dragon Stance. The following is old stuff that's been live for awhile now but not mentioned:

removed Dragon Punch requirement from Tiger Uppercut and replaced it with more appropriate maneuvers

added P4 requirement to Chi Breaker

Willpower cost of Ground Fighting removed


Expanded Reverse Waterfall: it now has more useable styles, the movement modifier is clarified, the speed penalty is dropped if performed from the ground, and it causes knockdown. Kippup was added as an additional requirement.

Reduced the speed penalty of Scorpion Kick and made it harder to defend against.

Reduced kick requirement of Seismic Shock from 4 to 2. Also reduced the PP cost overall.

Reduced Kick requirement of Leg Scoop


The AoE range of Psychic Storm has been reduced, the penalties it inflicts have been lessened, and there is a negative effect on the user in the following round.

Tweaked Inferno to use a flat Chi cost, damage from continued burning steadily increases, the negative effect on the user has been removed, and the number of plumes is now determined by Focus technique.


The Athletics requirement and PP cost of Kick-Up have been decreased slightly. It's system text no longer refers to a modifier that doesn't exist. As it was almost a carbon-copy of Spinning Kippup it has been rewritten.


Reduced school PP cost of Body Avalanche and added alternate use for it in open rings.

Many tweaks and adjustments for the schools. Some are minor, others are more significant. See the schools page for more information.


Added Kung Fu as a useable style to the following maneuvers: Crack Shot, Boshi-Ken, Shikan-Ken

12/26/09: Dissipate was moved to Block.

Destructive Block underwent additional tuning for balance.

Dissipate was moved to this category. The Focus requirement was dropped from 4 to 3 and a Block 2 requirement was added. The effects have been tweaked to make it more useful.

Added additional useable styles for Dissipate

Changed the movement modifier on Sobat from -4 to 1 (fixed).

New maneuvers: Rising Knee (kick), Cannibalize (focus) and Combination Strike (weapon).


Separated the old weapon maneuver Telekinesis into 3 new telekinetic powers:

1.) Telekinesis, the base power, has been moved to Focus. This includes the basic ability to move things with one's mind. Missile Reflection has been dropped as a requirement for this maneuver and it's Focus requirement was dropped from 5 to 4.

2.) Telekinetic Mastery replaces the old Telekinesis in the weapon maneuver department and handles using the power to remotely control weapons in combat. Yes, this is a little unfair to duelists but this was necessary to properly hook the power to Attunement and improves remote weapon control by a fair degree.

3.) Telekinetic Boost is a new Focus maneuver acting as a modifier similar to Psychokinetic Channeling but with a different sphere of influence.

Removed the remaining stubborn entries that still had Elemental [dots]. No maneuver requires such a background. Increased the base PP cost of Pool from 2 to 3 and it's Focus requirement from 2 to 4. Increased the base Focus requirement for Elemental Stride from 2 to 3.

New maneuvers: Telekinesis, Telekinetic Boost


Added Bite Hold to the custom grabs page.

Added Punch Defense to the list of Requirements in Spinning Wristlock. It was already implied but this makes it official.


New maneuvers: Double Elbow, Dragon's Kiss, Driving Punch, Flying Elbow Smash, Radiant Uppercut, and Spinal Smash.


Updated Tendon Smash's effect once damage has been done. The effect also heals more quickly now.

Added Kick (1) to the requirements of Trap Kick. It is now cheaper to learn overall.

New maneuver: Shadow Leg


Reflection Slice has been moved to the Block maneuver category. Riposte was dropped as a requirement and Block (3) was
added instead. It has had a moderate re-write to take into account duel-wielding.

Rewrote Destructive Block.

New maneuvers: Air Defense, Arm Grab, Blade Catch, Dragon's Stance, Final Stand, Impromptu Parry, Inner Peace, Tranquility, Weapon Grab, Whirlwind Defense


Removed the Grab 3 requirement that was on Dark Wire.
Reduced the weapon skill requirement for Dashing Upper Strike.
Reduced the weapon skill requirement for Double Strike.
Added a third hit to Dragon Dive and added movement of the target on top of the knockdown it inflicts.
Added knockdown to Dragon Leap.
Increased the base AoE of Explosion to every hex around the duelist.
Reduced the movement of Fleche from +3 to 2 (fixed).
Reduced the PP cost of Flying Strike.
Added a max duration and Wits check on dizzy for Form Weapon.
Reduced the speed penalty inflicted by Head Smash from -3 to only -1.
Rewrote Mark of [Your Name Here].
Increased the speed of Patriotic Circle from -2 to +3 [it is intended to be used as an interrupt].
also reduced the skill requirement and PP cost, added Escrima to useable styles
Added knockdown to Phoenix Blade.
Reduced the weapon skill requirement and PP cost for Quick Draw to 1 each.
Reduced PP cost of Riposte.
Increased the effect range of Staff Spin.
Reduced the weapon skill requirement of Stinger.
Telekinesis has been moved to Focus (see that section). Telekinetic Mastery has taken its place.
Complete re-write of Underhand Stroke.
Defending against Vise is now harder as the maneuver carries a Parry penalty.

New maneuvers: Arm Slash, Chain Hold, Eye Strike, Humming Blade, Knee Breaker, Knuckle Breaker, Shadow Strike,
Whirlwind Attack, X-Parry


Added some additional anchors to the Hybrid maneuver page so that it is easier to navigate and find the Kalindo maneuver set from the top of the page.

Added new defensive maneuvers to the Abort List.

Cleaned up the formatting for the merits page and added Chi Burst and Grip of the Damned as 2 new merits.

added Elemental as a psuedo-school over on the Schools page

The custom weapon page has had all non-original maneuvers removed but still has all those that I have written. The normal weapon page has ALL the maneuvers of that type.

12/19/09: Reduced the Kick requirement on Dragon Spiral from 5 to 4. Reduced the Kick requirement on Spiral Kick from 4 to 2. Made the requirements for both maneuvers congruent with one another and increased the number of styles that can use them. Removed the Ground Fighting requirement from Ground Throw.

Added starting Chi & Willpower numbers for each style on the Schools page. Added Escrima as a new school.

Added Ler Drit to the useable style list for Levitation and reduced the Focus requirement from 5 to 4.

Cleaned up the formatting of the House Rules and Errata pages.

12/09/09: The main update is to bring up a live version of the Life Paths page. It's a translation of the Life Path system for Shadowrun 2020 that's been expanded and adjusted for Street Fighter.

Corrected an error in the SSPP entry line of Fog. It's a water elemental maneuver, not Ler Drit.

Brought the custom Focus page up to date. Updated the custom and main Word files and uploaded archives for download. The custom Word file does *not* have weapon or Kalindo maneuvers - only the core techniques.

Added the following maneuvers: Gore (athletics, hybrid), Trample (athletics, hybrid), Bite Hold (grab, hybrid), Death Roll (athletics, hybrid), Silver Claws (focus), and Magnetic Repulsion (focus).

12/08/09: I've begun reviewing and improving the Block technique maneuvers in order to bring the defensive end of the game up to
speed to match the offensive power already in place. The following changes have been made:

Roll with the Hit's system section was rewritten. This improves the ability a little bit and clarifies the maneuver.

The learning requirements for Weapon Block have been changed from Block (4) to Block (2) + Athletics (2) + Dodge.

The base Form of Defense maneuvers, from which conjunction maneuvers derive, have been marked in parenthesis next to the
entry name. This is purely for ease of finding them and does nothing to change their function.

Blade Defense, Chain Defense, and Evasive Action are 3 new Block maneuvers.

12/06/09: Dropped the cost of Psychic Assault from 4 to 3. Increased Psychic Crush from 4 to 5. Increased Psychic Lock from 3 to 4.

Added the Revenant background. Clarified how school ranks work when learning maneuvers.

Upgraded the damage from a detonated Chaya from bashing to aggravated.

Dropped the experience cost modifier for learning Katas from 6 to 4.

Fixed a few typos on the Katas page.

Added a Character Creation quickpage.

Cleaned up the House Rules page. The proposed cleanup for the Hado section will wait until additional testing is complete.

12/02/09: Gave Tai Chi Chuan a rank 3 ability.

Added a rank 4 ability for Western Kickboxing.

I moved the 2nd Ninjitsu rank 3 technique (given in error) to the rank 6 slot instead.

Added a rank 6 ability for Kabbaddi.

Increased the difficulty of the Baraqah rank 4 technique.

I also added rank 4 and 6 techniques for Hapkido.

Since I completely spaced on giving *any* rank abilities for Special Forces they now have ranks 2 thru 7.

Fleshed out Capoeira with a rank 3 technique.

Changed the Boxing rank 2 from school rank to Athletics, added ranks 4 and 5 for the style. Also added an actual taboo.

Wu Shu received some additional stipulations and abilities.

Jeet Kune Do now shares it's rank abilities with Kung Fu. Three new abilities have been added to the latter style.

11/30/09: A large update today!

First and foremost I've had to discard the custom changelog page because my backlog in updating that goes back months and I simply no longer have the time to compare changes across half a dozen documents to keep it up to date. [Note: since this entry the changelog itself has been converted to a general changelog.]

While working on revising the weapon techniques I attached specific costs per grade for Art of Destruction. This made it necessary to mirror changes to Tamashiwara (Art of Breaking) under punch. I also forgot to specify that the cost of Staff Wall was 1 Willpower. It had the 1 part but not what you were supposed to spend. That's been fixed.

Flaws where split off into a separate page due to length. All links have been adjusted accordingly. New merits have been added specifically to fill in weapon gaps.

The weapons list was completed - both the custom page and the regular weapon maneuver list. Right now they are identical but a little redundancy doesn't hurt. Both pages have a complete Table of Contents and have been formatted for ease of use.

New entries on the weapon values chart include: Meteor Hammer, bows & arrows, and warhammers. The Errata page has also been updated to include Meteor Hammers and impromptu weapon rules.

The main moves document should be up to date now.

Added a second bruiser-style school for Native American Wrestling. New taboos were attached for the grappler schools.

The House Rules page has undergone some renovation to cleanup redundancies. A rewrite for the Hado section will be forthcoming in a later update.


Added the Table of Contents and several new entries for Merits and Flaws.

A minor update to the Qiao page to fix a couple of typos for clarity.


I finished updating the weapon maneuvers page (hooray!) and added the school power points system lines. As of right-now I don't have any true duelist schools so I'm leaving the maneuvers with the high Any costs they originally had.


I've been working to get all the custom pages up to date. This means that all the weapons maneuver changes must be pushed through before it can be considered finished. For today, however, the emphasis is on Focus maneuvers and getting through my scratch file backlog. Changes and new maneuvers are as follows:

Ashura Blade has been added to the list. It is a direct upgrade to Echo Blade.

Blur the Mind had it's base power point costs increased by 1 point. This is to bring it into compliance with the school system costs which open the maneuver to more then just Ninjitsu.

Bright Howl has been added as an additional Light Elemental maneuver. As it is available to more then just elementals the availability and power point costs for Lambent Flame and Light Flash, which are required maneuvers in the same line, have been adjusted accordingly.

Dimensional Rift has been added.

In order to flesh out remaining hybrid attacks Gore and Trample have been added under Athletics as basic abilities.
Conversely Bite Hold and Death Roll are advanced Grabs for hybrids.

Summon Chaya is a new high rank Focus maneuver for the mystical arts and followers of Kung Fu. It is intended to help balance them out in comparison to elementals and provide some support for Focus-heavy fighters who have some trouble staying conscious long enough to participate fully in battle.

Fleshed out ranks 2-5 for Pentjak-Silat and Shotokan Karate.


Numerous revisions and adjustments were made to the Qiao for Shih Demon Hunters. They are too numerous to list here but include clarification on shih learning Qiao-restricted maneuvers, addition of duration timers, some restrictions on rank abilities to prevent them from being spammed, and general proofreading for clarity.

Clarified the effects and use of Glare.

Increased the base area of effect and duration of Shadow Pool. To offset these changes the panic save's difficulty curve has been eased.

The requirements to learn Iron Will have been eased slightly.

Increased the secondary healing benefit from Last Blessing. The initial activation has been changed from instant to extended action.

Added an additional entry to the Mod Table: Intense Rage is a modifier to increase the health limits of Overdrive.

The range and use of Share Chi has been specified in the maneuver's system text. Shared Eyes and Share Life have been similarly edited.

Added a secondary soak bonus for Slow Fall.

Added Ground Throw to kicks. It's been finished for awhile now but for some reason wasn't copied over.

9/02/09: The Weight focus maneuver has had some additional functionality added to it. It now lasts for a minimum of 5 rounds/actions. While in effect the target cannot jump nor use breakfall, aerial recovery, or bushin step. It has no effect against someone in ghost form and is a chi contest each round against someone levitating or using flight.

The breakfall table over on the errata page has had focus maneuvers added to it. The table had to be rebuilt because of problems transfering it from Word. A section at the beginning explaining units of time has also been added. I also added two brief sections on rushing maneuver, and the abort --> combo dynamic.

Corrected a grammatical error in Pyrokinesis's system text.

Completely revised the sytem text for Punishing Thorns in order to clarify when and how the damage modifier applies, duration, and why holding someone holding continuously regenerating thorns probably isn't a great idea.

Clarified that the healing delay for Promised Renewal cannot actually be boosted by Regeneration or Chi Kung Healing. Also clarified use-per-day and stacking.

Psychic Storm is a new Ler Drit focus maneuver to give them some AE protection.

All references under power points to paths have been replaced with schools. This is to insure internal consistency. Likewise, all references to prerequisites have been replaced with the word requirements. It isn't a big deal - both words mean the same thing - but I have a bad habit of misspelling prerequisites so I consciously started using requirements instead.


I worked some more on the Schools page since I started revisions there and it didn't make sense to just stop halfway through:

Added technique ranks 2-4 for Ninjitsu.

The Spanish Ninjitsu rank 1 technique is now capped in uses-per-day by school rank. A rank 2 technique has been added. The rank 5 technique has been changed from immunity to high resistance. Ranks 6 and 7 have been added to the school.

The rank 2 Shih Demon Hunter technique is capped at once per round use. The rank 6 effect's cap has been reduced from 3 full rounds to one action.

Mystical abilities received a complete overhaul and are now complete with ranks 1-5. The old rank 5 technique, which doubled the effect of True Faith points, has been replaced with True Faith regeneration as the effects of True Faith are ill defined. Attached an extra taboo to help regulate the school.

Kabbaddi has likewise been fleshed out with ranks 2 and 3 techniques. The rank 5 technique has an additional qualifier attached to it.

The techniques already listed under Baraqah have been assigned to ranks. In addition the school has been fleshed out all the way up to rank 6.

8/28/09: The Update Status log has been brought up to speed with all mainpage announcements thusfar.

I also made some revisions to the school page. They include:

A paragraph in the introduction to explain that you shouldn't mistake these schools for something that exists in the real world.

The rank 5 Aikido technique now has a use-per-day cap. Added a rank 4 technique to Hwarang-Do.

Added a surprise check to the rank 4 Pakua technique and a use-per-day cap to the rank 5 technique.

Specified that katas prepared under the rank 5 Hsing-I technique still need the prep time.

Extended the effect timer for Thai Kickboxing's rank 4 technique to a full round - from activation in round 1 to the fighter's turn in round 2.

Added a qualifying statement to Savate's crisis technique as well as rank 4 and 5 techniques for the school (as it lacked either).

Tae Kwon Do now has rank 2 and 4 techniques.

Attached a Willpower cost, duration, and explanation to the rank 5 Sanbo technique. It also has the distinction of being the first school to receive a rank 7 technique (along with a rank 6 one, but who's counting?).

The Wrestling rank 3 technique now has a use-per-day cap.

For Pankrationists the rank 3 technique now has a cap, the rank 4 technique is not as effective against other members of the school, and there are now ranks 2 and 4 to use.

Added a difficulty modifier to the Sumo rank 3 technique, gave them a rank 4 technique, and scrapped the old rank 5 one for something completely different but still useful to them specifically.

Lua now has a rank 5 technique.

Clarified how totems suffer damage under the Native American Wrestling rank 4 technique. The old rank 5 technique, which was a rehash of a merit, has been scrapped altogether for something unique to the school. Ranks 6 and 7 build upon the new rank 5.

-- a few spelling and grammar corrections, I also didn't continue past the grappler schools due to time constraints

8/27/09: My apologies for the lack of updates but I've just been preoccupied by other projects. Today's update is minor: Kippup was amended with a line stating that fighters may opt not to use it if desired. A second line was also added to clarify that it is possible to move to an adjacent hex by using Kippup but only under certain circumstances. Although it should technically be possible all the time this cannot be allowed for balance reasons. Otherwise it could be used to indirectly
add movement to maneuvers.

6/20/09: The Errata page has had a major update today in order to merge the customized weapons rules with it. Additionally the breakfall table has been completed to include all Grab maneuvers and Leg Catch. Maneuvers of other techniques have not been checked for compliance. The weapon values chart has been slightly modified to make a few entries easier to understand. Some progress has been made to proofread the weapon maneuvers and make them internally consistent but that page is not ready to be published yet.

The merits and flaws page has been updated. Ambidextrous has been modified slightly to make it consistent with the offhand penalties on the errata page and a new merit, Sharpshooter, is available.

The schools page had a couple of intermediate rank abilities added to it.

The Grab page has been updated to include in-line links that weren't finished earlier and a few grammatical errors.

Choke Throw now inflicts damage in two stages, costs 1 Willpower, and inflicts an unpreventable knockdown. Dragon Drop has also had knockdown added.

6/06/09: You might notice a new link in the table below. It is basically just a scratch file containing abilities which have yet to be placed in a larger cateogry - if they ever will be. There's no flavor text with this stuff nor is there any pretense of sorting. They are what they are.

5/26/09: Wow, already a month since my last update? It doesn't seem like it's been that long. Anyway the athletics page was brought up to date a couple weeks ago. I just didn't want to put up a note for one little thing. Today, however, I uploaded a new version of the katas page that has been proofread and has a few new katas added to the mix.

4/20/09: I've started implementing my ideas about the School Path System. This includes the School page and a new line under Power Points for each maneuver. I also split the Focus page in two as it was getting too laggy to edit. As a final bit of news I finally uploaded a barebones page for katas.

4/03/09: I've begun converting the whole site over to a more eye-friendly background and building the hotlink-anchor system. This is really boring, but necessary.

In other news the Hybrid maneuvers, Punch, and Focus pages were all updated with new maneuvers. The custom pages haven't been updated yet: they haven't been compelled to follow format just yet. A full list of all new maneuvers will be up when the custom pages are finished.</p>

3/31/09: I'm done with all but Weapon maneuvers for now and the Merits and Flaws page shouldn't need any awhile (as I cannot think of any issues with that nor any new entries). I can't guarantee that Backgrounds won't get tweaked in the near future but my next priority is getting ALL the weapon rules up to date and that, unfortunately, includes the still unfinished weapons errata rules.

There's also the thorny issue that the Hado scale doesn't actually stop at +/- 10 but values higher or lower then the 10 needed to unlock the Hado are hard to represent in an empirical sense. There isn't any defined ceiling either way but +/- 20 is probably as far as any human would ever get. Beyond those levels consciousness and sense of identity break down.

The description for Jugular Kick was updated today for clarity. I hope it gets across what I'm trying to say. It's one of Elena's moves but it's kind of hard to put into words just what exactly the fighter does.

There is one BIG update for today and that is to add all the new Kalindo techniques added to the Hybrid maneuvers page. What is up is not a final list as I still have some more source material to comb through but it's a good start at least.

Updates 2/19/09: The site is about halfway through the massive update backlog from last December. The update log hasn't been updated since then but the Revise List is generally kept up to date as it's my working log of what needs attention next.

Updates 12/31/08: A very large update</a> is currently in progress and is slowly being uploaded piecemeal as it is completed. Once everything is done there will be a detailed entry explaining everything new and what has been changed.

12/15/08:Clarified the stamina test and area of effect for Vacuum.

Added several new sections to House Rules.

New maneuvers with this Slow Fall (focus), Corrosion (focus), Punishing Thorns (focus), Plant Communion (focus), Crashing Wave (focus), Reverse Gravity (focus), Sword Eater (focus), Metal Meld (focus), Dementia (focus), Psychic Crush (focus), Psychic Poison (focus), Psychic Lock (focus)

12/12/08: Added Elemental: Sonic to those abilities to which it applies. This has become the new base cost for most sonic abilities
that were previously Any with the Any cost increased slightly. In addition ALL elemental abilities have been reconsidered and elemental point costs attached as necessary - particularly ice abilites which have now have Elemental: Ice as their previous default cost plus an ANY cost of +1.

Reduced the power point cost of Seismic Force from 5 to 4.

Removed the Elemental Background requirement from Wall and increased the required Focus to 2.

New maneuvers: Quicksand (focus)

The Merits and Flaws page was also updated with new entries.

12/03/08: Added Tai Chi Chuan and Baraqah to the useable styles list for Reflecting Barrier. This is to bring it in line with the upgrade Reflecting Wall.

Deleted the targetting restriction on Shoulder Smash. It proved too restrictive in playtesting.

Corrected several typos.

Stone Form, Stone Touch, and Raging Earth are three new elemental Focus abilities

Wall Running, Paralyzing Strike, Improved Knockback, and Improved Roll are new modifiers on the Mod Table. In addition a few mods had their costs increased slightly.

10/23/08: Clarified and revised Atemi Strike, Soul Drain, and Split Shadow.

The rest of the wrestling maneuvers on my list were added today. They are:

Crucifix Powerbomb (grab), Mandara Twist (grab), Monkey Flip (grab), Facelock (grab), Scissor Sweep (grab), Schoolboy (grab), Shooting Star Press (athletics), Powerbomb (grab), Old Faithful (grab), Space Tornado Ogawa (grab), Tonga Death Grip (grab), Springboard Bulldog (grab), Wall Slam (grab), Fist Drop (punch), Body Avalanche (athletics), Enzuigiri (kick)

10/22/08: Spanish Ninjitsu was added to the list of styles that can use Handstand Kick for dirt cheap. This comes after reading through the Secrets of Shadoloo book again and realizing I missed a minor detail.

Added a Learning New Maneuvers section to the House Rules.

Adjusted the modifiers for Spiral Kick. This makes the maneuver actually worth learning.

Attached a Willpower cost for Rising Bird Kick, adjusted the power points slightly, and added knockdown versus aerial.

Updated Disarm's text and effects. There is also now a kick version.

The following new maneuvers were added today:

Rising Wolf (athletics), Drill Kick (kick), Seismic Shock (kick), Iron Will (focus), Bicycle Kick (kick), Dragon Spiral (kick), Shadow no Jutsu (focus), Disarm (Kick version) (kick), Snap Throw (grab), Death Valley Driver (grab), Sunset Flip (grab), Fireman’s Carry (grab), Fireman’s Gutbuster (grab), Fireman’s Backbreaker (grab), Springboard Arm Drag (grab), Spinning Wristlock (grab), Standing Shoulder Wheel (grab), Samoan Drop (grab), Back Body Drop (grab), Giant Swing (grab), Ground Leglock (grab), Bulldog (grab), D.D.T. (grab)

more wrestling moves coming ... soonish

10/18/08: The knockdown for Smothering Wind can now be prevented by having an earth elemental skin active.

The following are new additions to the mod table: Enhanced Guardian, Minion Mastery, Renewal of Flesh, Hastened Renewal
of Flesh, Inza Spring, Steel Will, Air Grab, Cryokinetic Mastery, Pyrokinetic Mastery, Purying Aura, Psychokinetic
Mastery, Teleport Combo, and Guard Shadow.

10/14/08: Specified that Air Blast is a linear attack.

Adjusted the power point cost and effect of Push. Against aerial opponents there are now two damage tests.

Adjusted the effects of Wall so that none of it's stats are dependant on the Elemental background. The Rolling Wall modification has been adjusted to reflect these changes.

Telekinesis has undergone a complete rewrite.

Swift Wind, Thunderous Roar, Regenerating Wall, and Scorching Dragon are four new modifications on the Mod Table.

Push has been added to the allowed maneuvers for the Smothering Wind modifier.

A new copy of the moves document has been uploaded to the site in a ZIP archive. This document is for users who use Open Office instead of Microsoft Word.

10/12/08: Increased punch damage on Tumbling Claw and reduced it's power point cost from 4 to 3.

Reduced Focus requirement on Raging Storm to 4.

Decreased the mod slot cost of Super Gliding from 3 to 2.

Raging Storm has a new extended AE effect modification called Violent Storm.

Dissipate's modifier Enhanced Dissipation had it's mod cost reduced from 3 to 2.

Stance of the Wall and Stance of Harmony had their mod slot costs reduced from 4 to 3.

Elemental Guardian has a new modification called Guardian Force.

Adjusted Delay Damage. Damage from Chi-based sources can be ignored. I also adjusted the power point costs.

The Focus requirement and power point costs of Elemental Renewal where both decreased by 1.

Modified the second damage test for Cross Wave. It now uses it's own +0 modifier.


The knockdown on Raging Storm can no longer be prevented (except by San He).

Updated description for Elemental Skin: Fire to be consistent.

Fixed an issue with paragraph indents not being honored.

10/08/08: I adjusted the power point costs of Divebomb Punch to be slightly less then they were before.

Added a description to Bushin Lightning Elbow and dropped the movement modifier from +3 to +1.

Genocide Cutter's movement has been changed from +2 to a fixed 3.

Reverse Waterfall and it's upgrade Ze Sho Hohou have been added to the Handstand Kick line and had their modifiers adjusted to make Reverse Waterfall a direct upgrade to Handstand Kick.

Handstand Kick can now be performed while crouching. The original description should have included this.

Tumbling Attack has had the conditions which ends it brought in line with Hurricane Kick. In addition an upgrade called Tumbling Claw is a new custom maneuver.

Mind Control has had it's duration of effects reduced and a cap placed on the number of times per day it can be used against the same target. These limitations allow a Ler Drit stylist to achieve the same story effects they could before but without the potential game-breaking issues present with Mind Control's original format. A GM who wishes to extend these effects should remember that in Street Fighter canon M.Bison establishes permanent Mind Control over people using
torture, blackmail, and technology moreso then fancy psychic abilities.

The useable types for Power Points under Ashura Warp and Ghost Form have had several elementals added. The same is true for Shadow Spheres but only Elemental: Light was added.

Inferno now requires a strength test to be made against every column a character is adjacent to. This can result in deadly ping-ponging which is how the maneuver was always intended to work.

The following new custom maneuvers where added: Dark Knuckle (punch), Shining Knuckle (punch), Power Dive (punch), Power Geyser (punch), Mystic Circle (focus), Reflecting Wall (focus), Split Somersault Kick (kick), Tiger Uppercut (punch), Burning Tail (athletics), Tenshin Glide (focus), Tumbling Claw (athletics)

10/07/08: I wrote up two new sections under House Rules today. The first concerns the interaction of grabs, throws, Bushin Step, and Breakfall. It's a bit lengthy but I wanted to be absolutely clear about how such things work. There is a second new section detailing how projectiles impact one another and how to determine what happens what that happens.

10/06/08: Four new types of elemental skin have been added and the Ice version was rewritten for clarity.

The following are new custom Focus maneuvers: Shadow Pool and Shadow Spheres (hurray darkness elemental!). In addition, Shadow Chain has been tweaked.

10/05/08: The House Rules have been updated in terms of using Chi for attack and defense as well as using Willpower and Glory.

The site has undergone a tiny bit of tweaking for ease of use.

Raging Storm is a new custom focus maneuver.

10/04/08: Using Hundred Demon Somersault in a combo has been clarified. The attack portion must be declared when the combo is first purchased. This might not seem fair since part of HDS's appeal is the ability to choose on the fly but otherwise it wouldn't be combo-able at all.

The following new maneuvers where added to the Custom List:

Repeating Ice Blast (focus), Glacier Strike (focus), Flying Ice Blast (focus), Shadow Chain (focus), Echo Blade (focus), Elemental Renewal (focus), Chi Crash (athletics), and Torrent Crash (athletics)

I also did a little cleanup today to make the site a bit more user friendly.

10/02/08: Ashura Warp has a new, brief, paragraph about it's use as an abort maneuver.

Evasion of Fireballs has been clarified. I thought it was already in the description but apparently it wasn't. Minor problem solved. Evading Fireballs works just like evading any other projectile (unless the projectile's description says otherwise). The attacker uses their Wits + Focus or Weapon Technique if using a weapon in a contested roll versus the defender's Dexterity + Athletics. If the attacker wins they hit and then roll for damage. If the defender wins
they successfully evaded.

Flying Fireball has also been updated with the preceeding in mind. I'm slowly working out just how exactly that maneuver was intended to function.

Claw, Bite, and Tail Slash have been written as full fledged hybrid maneuvers.

Elemental Guardians now have innate Elemental Skin at all times. This skin regenerates if destroyed (ice guardians).

Burning Wings, Wing Defense, and Mirror Image are new custom maneuvers. Wing Defense and Mirror Image are also abort maneuvers and as such have been added to the Abort List.

10/01/08: Flying Punch has been clarified. It's nothing major - just deleting references to a Soak roll which isn't part of basic Street Fighter rules to begin with.

Seismic Force now functions as it should: as an improved Air Smash.

Blind and Light Flash are now cheaper for elementals of their respective types to learn.

I set the base required successes on the Blind Fighting roll for Air Blast at 3.

Ankle Smasher's damage has been clarified.

The following are new maneuvers on the Custom page: added Elemental Guardian, Flying Kick,
Tornado Grip, Tornado Blitz, Rushing Wind, Kaiser Wave, Jaguar Kick, Tornado Kick, Cross Wave, and Genocide Cutter

9/30/08: Damage for both Claw Dives has been brought up to date with current weapon techniques. They still use boatloads of willpower.

Base damage for Shoulder Smash was increased from 2 to 3. This makes it a little less damaging then Thunderstrike (which has a 5) but has better movement (S.S. has +1 vs. Th. which is -1). Both maneuvers are very similar functionally. The stat differences are primarily to represent differences in styles in using the maneuver.

The movement on Upper Tail Strike is now a fixed 1. This brings it in line with the description.

Center can now negate almost all falling damage. It won't help a fighter falling at terminal velocity but I don't think that is something most players ever worry about.

9/29/08: The Mod Table that was previously found in House Rules is now it's own page due to size. This makes it easier for me to keep the table up to date. The Table page has the modification rules.

Speaking of the Mod Table, more conjunction modifications have been added to it and Mekon Delta Escape is starting to look pretty uber for Special Forces.

The movement on Flight and Levitation has been updated to make more sense. The Super Gliding mod has been updated as well to reflect the changes.

Increased the damage for Stepping Double Kick. This makes it a bit faster then Double Dread Kick but also a bit less damaging overall.

The requirements and power points for Shinkyaku-Genki have both increased.

Hundred Demon Somersault should be about done now. It costs Willpower to use but this is primarily so that it cannot be used with Wind Dash sans modifiers.

9/27/08: Hybrid Maneuvers have all been collected into a single page for easy reference. Such maneuvers all list Animal Hybrid under the power points section. This is by no means an exclusive list - many hybrids do go on to formal study or become immersed in Dirty Fighting.


Numerous new maneuvers have been added to the Custom section. All files have been brought up to date.


Axe Kick Flip can be used against an opponent in an adjacent hex.

Double Kick is a prerequisite for Flurry Kick. Both are aerial maneuvers.

Slide Kick is a prerequisite for Forward Slide Kick.

Hurricane Kick has been edited for clarity. Knockback is no longer automatic with this maneuver and is dependant upon inflicting damage.

Rising Jaguar had it's base damage decreased but now can hit twice.

The description for Silhouette Kick has been simplified. The dodge roll modifier has been dropped (because dodging is not generally a part of Street Fighter) and it just now bypasses blocks.

Leg Catch has been clarified.

Head Slam uses Athletics for damage.

Jaw Spin has been clarified ... again. It is no longer a counter attack.

Tearing Bite uses Willpower, not Chi.

The speed of Bushin Flip has been increased.

Brought Flamingo Stance up to speed.

The same could be said for Hundred Demon Somersault.

9/22/08: Butterfly Drum was moved to the Grab section.

9/20/08: Shoulder Smash must move in straight line.

The damage for Smoke Step was defined as being base Focus which is how I always intended it to be.

Damage for Hydrokinesis strikes has been modified in the same way. Hyrdokinesis is primarily a defensive ability and was always designed with that in mind.

Guided Fireball now requires 100% concentration.

Flaming Fist is identical to how Chi Fist works but I'm uncertain how exactly to modify it. I will leave it as-is for now as a form of Chi Fist that fighters can use as an alternative to their native Hado element.

Drain Chi now functions just like Leech except for the fact that it drains Chi instead of health.

Dissipate Chi now has a speed modifier in it's base description and two modifers on the Mod Table.

Cobra Charm has been revised. The new version has been up for awhile but I don't think I've mentioned it.

Removed Barrier's ability to be used in between rounds. It now has a speed modifier.

Awareness has a set active field of effect. It is also now a prerequisite for Sakki.

Sakki has been modified to allow the ninja a chance to detect the direction and distance from which the threat originates. This helps distinguish this ability from Awareness.

Vise had it's damage increased.

Staff Spin and Slice Upper have power point costs.

Killing Blade causes knockback again.

Form Weapon uses Focus instead of Chi to determine the weapon's stat pool.

9/18/2008 The House Rules page was updated today with more specialized modifications and clarifications to how crouching and blocking work. I also *gasp* ran spellchecker on my files to update just about everything. It certainly doesn't make this any easier when I miss a single typo in the basic move entry that's been
pasted a zillion times so I don't have to retype all the different categories.

9/15/2008: Phew, BIG update today. Numerous maneuvers from Soul Calibur have been added, some tweaking has happened, and Flying Thrust Punch has a description now - not that it's very serious. Come on, it's Flying Thrust Punch. Who doesn't snicker a little at the sound of that? Counterstrike has been rewritten.
For a complete list of everything that's new check the Custom maneuver's page.

9/14/2008: I added explicit damage text for Head Slam so it's not as ambiguous and functions like it should.

9/13/2008: There is a new moves.doc file, 3 new grabs on the Grab page straight out of Soul Calibur, and most of the weapon maneuvers have stats although there are still a few (new) entries that are just placeholders. The next update will have more Soul Calibur conversions - both in the weapon and martial arts sections. The weapon damage bonuses might seem miniscule but I have to keep them low because weapons have innate damage bonuses. Lastly, the damage for Justice Fist was increased from +4 to +6.

9/11/2008: Everything on the revision list except Cobra Charm has been taken care of. There were also numerous proofreading and minor tweaks across the board *coughShockBoltcough*. I also did a tiny bit of tweaking to weapon techniques but the changes are so minor I haven't uploaded a new version of the weapons maneuver page. All weapon changes are currently only found in the moves.doc file.

About halfway through today's update I realized I needed to look through stacking problems with Speed of the Mongoose, Wind Dash, Lightness, Center and Weight. Obviously Center and Lightness cannot stack with each other. Once someone is practically weightless you can't make them more weightless. Otherwise the universe will implode ... or something. Weight makes you heavier so it and the previous two cancel each other out.

9/10/2008: Lunging Punch and Chi Push should need no further revision.